18 sources of nutrition that you didnt realise feeds your leadership

1 min readJun 7, 2021


Image by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash

What is the nutrition for your leadership is something about all the different aspects or the touch points we have in our lives.

  1. It’s built from the books we read.
  2. The communities we hang out in.
  3. Naturally the food we eat
  4. The liquid we consume.
  5. Perhaps the voices we hear internally and those we listen to locally.
  6. The silence we use.
  7. The listening we reflect on.
  8. The messages from our head and our heart and our gut.
  9. The mentoring from our children.
  10. The art we consume.
  11. The patterns we see.
  12. The patterns we seek to have, and
  13. Perhaps the patterns we can’t see ourselves.
  14. The spaces we hang out in.
  15. The nature we consume.
  16. The rest we allow ourselves.
  17. The gratitude we recognise.
  18. The thank you’s we share.

Anything else on your list?


What needs to evolve in your leadership nutrition?




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