6 ways to get started for rookies

2 min readMay 2, 2023


(From one rookie to another)

Hi there

I missed it

Yesterday I mean

Yes yesterday was to be the day

To follow a trail

A trail of learning.

The normal pesky gremlins arrived in my head

Yes you know the ones

That start to say the good idea

was less of a good idea

And that

well you can carry on

as normal NOT doing the writing.

As no one will be interested and its a ‘waste of time’

We build our own worlds that mean nothing.

And ultimately create nothing.

Which is not what we want

So here is my approach that got be going today.

  1. Begin the day before

Have the tool open so its all good to go. I opened my laptop and there it was infront of me. Almost saying there are no excuses just get going.

2. Start before you do anything else.

Yup, push that selfish gene aside thats telling you I cant put myself first and get going. Leave the children eating their breakfast and the emails and duties can wait.

3. Dont lean on a plan

Pull together what you know as you do — a plan could be the obstacle and excuse you are leaning in. Have a loose idea and leave the rest and build as you do. Yup its leadership in action. No one really knows what they are doing. They lean on building blocks from the past and make a choice.

4. Courage is not what you think. Maximise your take on it.

So I have 20 minutes. Some loose ideas and a client call to meet. So what is the best I can give in this time. You may think not enough. However being here is a great start for me. And that feels an achievement in itself (along with selecting publish which takes it to the next level).

5. Be clear on the page you are on.

Know that your journey is on a page. For me this is page 1, For you it might be page 2006 but hey we all have to start somewhere. The best thing is to encourage and build from that.

6. Dont be in a race

The rest will follow. I have flag in a notebook probably 8 years old. That talks about blogging. It feels comfortable in that notebook. But my gremlins kept me from starting. Dont let your gremlins rule your roost. Working together rather on a race — gremlins v real you — for one to be in front of the other.

Whats your take on a getting started?

As for the start of my ‘real’ new journey that will be for another day.

Thanks for reading




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