Come to love complex thinking

1 min readJan 12, 2021


Image by Lizzie Rhodes James

Come to love complex thinking

I was recently reminded of thinking fast and slow.

The great work of Daniel Kahneman.

Who devised system one and system two.

System one is the thinking fast system

Which is unconscious


Likely to involve our daily decisions

And error prone.

Whereas system two is

Known as the slow thinking process.

(That doesn’t have to be slow).

We work through complex decisions.

It is conscious.

Requires effort.

And tends to be more reliable.

I share this great work.

As recent conversations shows.

That people are wanting to reduce their cognitive overload.

And spend more time in system one.

As we are all working in new contexts.

We are constantly having to come up with new ideas

Of doing what we did in the office or meeting face to face.

Yet we know from the research.

That system two tends to bring us more reliable results.

Perhaps it is more to do with having a scattering of system one and system two type activities.

So we don’t feel so tired when we are dealing with complex thoughts.

Which system are you relying on today?

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