How to master working for yourself be happy and achieve success

3 min readFeb 14, 2018
7 Tips to prepare you for greatness

8 Tips to prepare you for greatness

  1. Find you — sounds dramatic but identify what you love doing most (likely to be a strength) as this is likely to be you in your FLOW and so would drive your energy. See this as your seed to success.
  2. Keep the message simple — have one thing that you have a reputation for (the other bits you can do will develop from it)
  3. Deliver, create a story and testimonial — you have delivered great programs and projects and more will follow. Create a bank of short stories using the STAR (situation, task, action, results) model — or whatever you like to use. Ask those involved for a ‘testimonial’. Given where we are today you might like to do that using video to. Ask for permission by the authors if you can keep them and be ready to share when you make the leap.
  4. Keep the development wide — Look, learn and develop from a wide base of information so as a business asset you have a business mind. e.g. I read the economist and wide range of business transformation books / articles..
  5. Stay and build connections / reputation through selecting events for learning and sharing. Prepare a 30 second story about you which you can share and try asking some of these questions when you meet someone. This might be local biz events to where you live as well as national ones. You might like to present at an event in the future to. I sense that you would be great at that.
  6. Give — Create content and share it on social media, local events, peers and colleagues. (Adam Grant would say this is a win win) Act as a mentor to others..
  7. Write / vlog — build a brand. Plan, deliver, reflect, adjust and repeat — suggest you have a plan put together like a marketing team would. We are all on a journey start and todays choices will be great. Just remember things are different today as they were yesterday and adjustments will be needed to support them.
  8. Keep healthy — Act like a champion and give your body the chance to be a champion by looking after it. People respond better to those that look and feel healthy. Do one thing today like eating 5 different coloured vegetables an or eat 5 brazil nuts instead of biscuits when you need a snack.

Lizzie Rhodes James is a Performance Coach and Facilitator who specialises in helping teams and individuals exceed their potential at work and in life. Having successfully transitioned from a successful Army career into the Corporate world, Lizzie brings an exceptional and distinctive blend of discipline, focus and agility into her practice. Lizzie is also passionate about health and wellness, and adds a depth of thinking to align body and mind, enhancing overall performance and encouraging clients to transcend their limits.




Im a giver, sharer with aspirations. Im a leadership coach, single mum, love being outdoors - recently described as having energetic integrity.