Productivity manifesto — 23 ways to enhance your productivity

1. Growth mindset means we know we can grow. Growing minds grow by doing. Without starting you cant get better. Get started and allow the learning to continue.

2. 80/20 rule (Pareto principle). 80 % of what we do comes from 20% of the input. Try and focus on the 20% and invite yourself to recognise those benefits.

3. Pomodoro technique. Work in 25 minute windows of intensity. Followed by 5 minutes rest.

4. Clear the distraction surfing opportunity. Clear the decks of what is easy to do and what you may end up doing when you loose concentration or things get hard.

5. Know your boundaries. Manage your expectations on self and others.

6. Like v need. Be aware of the trap of slipping into what you love to do rather than what you need to do.

7. Go for a walk between 11- 2. My grandfather would say this is the best time. Why? Its when the light intensity is at its brightest (Linda Geddes — Chasing the Sun) . Allow your brain to breath, take much needed exercise and aid your mental health.

8. No is the new yes. Be clear on the no’s. It will clear the way for the things you can say yes to. List the No’s before you start the day.

9. Smallest action. Be clear on the smallest thing that will allow you to get started. Invite yourself to start. Have a go. The momentum will follow.

10. Attached to what you already do. Starting a new approach / habit can be hard as it feels clunky. Just as BJ Fogg says. Its easier if you do it just after a daily activity you already do like boil the kettle or sit down at your desk. Keep the goal as small as possible so it feels and is doable.

11. Work doesnt mean you have to be sat at a desk. Give yourself the permission and reassurance that your best work happens when you are most comfortable. Your outputs will be the best and thats what people care about not where you are.

12. Focus on one thing. Be clear on what will make the difference. The one thing and clear the way to do just that.

13. Be brave as it you have nothing to loose. A relaxed mind is a creative and innovative mind. When we fear less we gain more.

14. Move location. When we physically move our brain takes on a new perspective. Stuck or need to keep a fresh mind. Change where you sit and do.

15. Find an antagonist. If you always stay with the people you know and have similar minds your ideas will just get reinforced. As Matthew Syed (Rebel Ideas) suggests these can create dangerous echo chambers. Be productive by finding an antagonist or two.

16. Find your own path. Advice whatever the source can provide the knowledge and gives us the comfort we may be heading in the best direction. Your way suits YOU best. So make the best choice for you not blindly do as others have as the context and the people are different.

17. Build in a commute. We may have lost the travel. But we don’t need to loose the valuable warming up and cooling down time. Add some time at the beginning and end of the day.

18. Bring meaning to each day. What is the change you are seeking to make? (as Seth Godin would ask in an Akimbo workshop) What of your tasks today will allow you to edge towards doing that?

19. Build on what you have. We all have strengths to build from. Recognise them. Which of these will allow you to deliver today?

20. More with less. Give yourself a time to complete something. Half it. Focus and see what you can do in that time.

21. Dont work without music. Select the same music each day and allow it to block everything else out.

22. Be clear what you can control. Utilise these options with what you can deliver.

23. Be kind. Some days we deliver more than we think others we deliver less than we hoped. Each day assists our progress through the learning we gain along the way. Be kind. There is always progress.

Image by Tyler Durrer on Unsplash

Originally published at on February 18, 2021.




Writing to share tips and tools I and others have learned to support personal growth for focus and inner strength. Coach, mother and lover of the outdoors.

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Lizzie Rhodes James

Lizzie Rhodes James

Writing to share tips and tools I and others have learned to support personal growth for focus and inner strength. Coach, mother and lover of the outdoors.

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