The value of knowing the one question to lead by

2 min readMay 2, 2021
Image by Mike Smith on Unsplash

The value of knowing the one question to lead by.

We drift from one thing to another. As we do, we disappear from what we should be doing, or the value which we should be adding or no should at all. It’s more about knowing. What are we trying to do here?

And yes, there may be tasks and outputs we’re trying to get to. However so often we can get wrapped up in people asking us to do things without taking a step back to realise:

“what are we actually trying to do here? And how am I actually adding value?

Great questions are often hard to create. When did you last hear a great question? And what was the question?

The value of knowing the one question you want to lead by can give you:

  • Clear direction of where you are heading,
  • What your priorities are
  • Support the change you’re seeking to make
  • The balance of being driven by the needs of your inbox and having momentum with your own tasks
  • the opportunity to lead consciously and in the driving seat

In the process, of knowing clearly what the one question you want to be led by you can make use of your energy and time. Perhaps today or in the next couple of days, every now and again just pause and say to yourself, what question am I being led by.

The value of knowing that one question you’re being led by can actually allow us to be calmer have clear priorities, and see the wood from the trees.

Whats yours?




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