What are your ingredients to success? Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

What are your ingredients to success?

For many many years we have relied on training, or more recently learning and development, and sales enablement type people to be parachuted in with the assumption that with a bit of training, top tips or a framework to follow all will be sorted. The reality is that other than a great day out the response / impact of the training doesn’t happen or if it is does not how it was anticipated.

Training has many connotations for people and particularly for the purse holders including business owners and leaders there is a growing trend (particularly in SME and ‘start up’ or start up plus) for people’s stomachs to churn with the thought they will need to be sent away on a ‘course’ to learn and or fund it.

There is a need to squeeze in a days work and the ‘training’ which can be away from family and loved ones. Increasingly people arent ‘joined at the hip’ with their work but realise the value of what they have and want to maximise that too.

So what does that mean?

Well we need to be savvy about what interventions we use to generate the behaviours, results and ongoing sustainability in the market — whether you are a one man bad, small business with a handful of people, medium sized business going through growth or a global international business with many thousand employees / workers and customers.

So what do I think?

I believe that each goal, next step, optimum performance comes as a result of mixing together the right ingredients. Here are 12 ingredients worth considering:

  • One to one focused conversations — questions are led by the facilitator and the content is all driven by the person with the focus.

I have come to realise that we build our ingredients from what has been done before and or you see it in industry as the ‘thing to do’ when in the reality you need to check what you have to start with, the resources to make it happen (including motivation and time) and a clear goal or selection of horizons for which you’d like to get to.

So whats in it for you?

Think carefully about the value of:

What you invest in

Who you invest with

The value of very small steps

Keeping an agile mindset so you can enjoy the journey and achieve your goal in a timely way

Lizzie works with small and medium sized businesses to ignite the spirit of success through pinpointing the need, creating a realistic picture of achievement through different personal, team and facilitative methodologies.

Love learning and sharing for the better of others. Passionate about the outdoors.