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Why is it I get an upset stomach eating Peanuts?

2 min readMar 10, 2018


Sound strange or familiar?

In my experience, people are not aware that although peanuts have the word ‘nut’ in the name they are in fact a legume.

A great friend was talking today

“When I eat peanuts I get an upset stomach”

“Ah” I said

“well peanuts are a legume not a nut as we all assume from its name. So how do you respond to other legumes?”

“that explains alot” she said “as this I can have reactions to eating legumes”

How to sort it out

Nuts and legumes contain phytates that humans find difficult to digest as we dont have the enzyme phytase to assist. So the best way to sort this out is to soak (for at least 8 hours), rinse and then cook.

Planning ahead is easy and is the key to success. Starting the process the night before means you are ahead already.

Think about what you would like to eat tomorrow and get soaking!

Then share your stories of success and recipes of yumminess.

This is the start of sharing my knowledge of health, nutrition and fitness. I hope you will gain from this and support me on this journey. Some answers will be longer than others sharing the depths of biochemisty, physiology and nutrition. Others will be short and simple giving you all the information you need to understand, make choices that are right for you and for you to build a sustainable happy and long life.




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